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I am so happy you took the time to find my website and share my passion.

I am Key Herron, a wife, a mother of 3 amazing kids, and a boxer name Reese. I have a B.S. in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Most of my career has been in Marketing, with a focus on Product Development and Brand Marketing in the consumer products industry. My husband works for the government, so I spent a large part of my career moving across states, finding new jobs, and trying to create a home everywhere we went.

Through this constant change, it was important to me to make my house a home, and haven no matter where we landed. We’ve purchased homes that required complete remodels to light refreshes, and I have designed and organized these spaces from the inside out. Throughout this time, I have taken on several other interior design and organization projects too.

Then 2020 came, which left us all quarantined at home. Like most of us, I started taking care of all the projects I’ve always wanted to do and documented the journey along the way. We were both working from home, the kids were attending virtual school, and we were getting used to our new normal. There was no better time than to reset, refocus, and pursue my dreams.

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It all started with a post…

One day, while jumping from a Zoom meeting for work to help my youngest son on Google Classroom, my husband posted a few recent projects around our home without my knowledge. I planned on getting my branding, website, and services together before announcing, but he knew I needed a little push. The perfectionist in me could not believe it! To my surprise, from that post, I gained new and potential clients. And just like that, my passion changed to purpose, and with a pinch of help, THE HOME IS KEY was born.

Take your time and look around, it’s my pleasure to have you here.

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